ADHIAKARA represents hand made luxury with soul. Our intention is to create apparel that transcends time and space through form, material, and function. 


ADHIAKARA is effortless, comfortable and flattering silhouettes that celebrate the female body. Our style is all black minimalism with a strong focus on materials, to ensure a high level of durability and longevity. While having a minimalistic approach to design, we are committed to always be in transition to improve socially and environmentally. This means that we are continuously looking for new partners, materials and communities that can help us do just that. 

When choosing collaborators we value fair trade, women's rights and environmental issues very high, and we further more make sure to contribute to our foreign partner’s local community through volunteer work and charity. The reason for this is that it is our core value to give more than we take. We at ADHIAKARA are realist with strong ideals, and we wish to be a positive force in the evolution of the fashion industry.  


At ADHIAKARA it is our primary objective to choose our collaborators based on their work experience, talent and skill. Furthermore we have a number of ethical requirements, one of them being female empowerment. We work with small female business owners and creative crafts women both nationally and internationally to strengthen their competitive position and celebrate their talent.

It is part of our DNA to always be on the lookout for new collaborators and to invents our money where we believe it has the biggest impact on changing inequality.


There is a popular notion that fashion is a reflection of the time we live in, and we believe this to be correct. Unfortunately at this point the fashion industry is one of the most environmentally damaging there has ever been. 

We at ADHIAKARA are not perfect, but we are highly committed to doing our best. To us that means that we are always evolving to improve in any area of our supply chain, weather it be textile production, dyeing, manufacturing, transportation, packaging, distribution, garment care or recycling. We recognize that this is a challenge, and that both we, the fashion industry, and the consumers are only in the beginning faces of making the necessary changes. There are no quick solutions, so in our experience maintaining a balance is key.

One of our main positions is durability, and both in design and choice of fabric this is a cornerstone of ADHIAKARA. When we say that we make clothes that trancens time and space we actually mean it. It is designed to be worn any time and anywhere, because that is what we believe insures a long life spand of a piece of clothes.

We strongly believe in slow fashion that goes beyond trends, seasons, and nationality. To us this is an ever evolving process of choosing the least environmentally damaging textiles, while at the same time ensuring a high level of quality and aesthetic to enhance the lifespand of every single piece of clothes.

As we aim to create beautiful luxurious apparel, we are always looking for more sustainable options. Some of the steps we have taken are minimal waste designs used for locally produced garments with a high percentage of natural and organic materials. Furthermore ADHIAKARA is a vegetarian company, and for both ethical and environmental reasons we use no fur, leather, exotic skin or feathers. We do not believe that any animal should ever have their life taken for the sake of fashion. The production of animal skin is highly damaging to the global environment, the local environment and the workers health. To us this is taking responsibility for the resources we use and impact we make, and maintaining a supply chain that respects both planet, people, and animals.